ABUKO, s.r.o.
Michelská 18/12a
140 00, Praha 4
Czech republic
e-mail: info@abuko.cz

VAT: CZ 273 78 250
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SINOHOTRUNNER.CZ - Deliveries of Hot runner systems and nozzles
YUDO.CZ - Spare parts for Hot runner systems


Ours company was established by detachment business activity from longer going firms, which we also cooperate henceforth very nearly with . Our firm then arch over activities of : stamping plastic products from materials : PE, PMMA, PC, POM, PP, PA, ABS, PS, moulds for injection moulding of plastics and alloies of aluminum inclusive production or corrections needed tools. In this enclosure we already have more than 40years experience sourcing from all kindred firms. Computer processing of datas and projection systems CAD/ CAM, NC as well for products as for the moulds is in our firm matter of fact. Ours longer going direct and indirect deliveries for automotive industry also prove quality of our performance. Like reference we can bring in e.g . AUDI, ŚKODA, VW, RENAULT etc., more under link „Reference".

.Like next activity of our firm we can bring the assembly, montage, package and preparation products for placing on markets in middle Europe. Experience with big and emergency actions we're got at assembling of advertising parcels under the name „ Wundertuten" for German portal UNICUM.DE.

Third no unsubstantial sphere ours activities is production of branded parasols from average 150 cm until 3 metr in different sizes, forms, printing and surface adjustments, everything by request of customers. Here we can for reference